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ARTIST: Vampire Weekend
TRACK:Step - Vinyl
ALBUM: Modern Vampires Of The City - Vinyl
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I just bought these shirts thinking they would fit me, but when I tried them on they didn’t…
I bought them off the site Redbubble, which is super amazing. They go off American Apparel sizing
Since I am getting a size up in these I believe I should regift them, instead of selling them. This means me and whoever wins this will have the same t-shirts…cute.

Items include:
- 1x Medium Girly fit Arctic Monkeys floral logo t-shirt
- 1x Medium Girly fit Ezra Tweets “too good for the cheap shit…” t-shirt
- New Zealand candy e.g pineapple lumps, perky nana chocolate, or whatever else I believe is great confectionery from my country.

- You can reblog as many times as you like - though your blog can’t just be a giveaway blog.
- Likes don’t count.
- You don’t have to follow me, but you can if you want.
- I will ship worldwide…so it’d probably take awhile to get from NZ to whatever country.
- Ends May 22nd 2014, 11:00 PM NZ time.

Please enter this because I’ve never done one of these before and it’ll be super cool sending this stuff to someone :)


hey can i sleep over in ur box tonight?? no hobo 


Vampire Weekend @ NML

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TRACK:My Song 5
ALBUM: Days Are Gone
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Music piracy in the ’60s

Music piracy in the ’60s

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bowling alley carpet

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